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Travis Scott - Astroworld

Travis Scott - Astroworld

Standard Black Vinyl


Disco 1A

A1. Stargazing 
A2. Carousel
A3. Sicko Mode


Disco 1B

B1. R.I.P Screw 
B2. Stop Trying To Be God 
B3. No Bystanders 
B4. Skeletons


Disco 2C

C1. Wake Up
C2. 5% Tint 
C3. NC-17
C4. Astrothunder 
C5. Yosemite


Disco 2D

D1. Can'T Say
D2. Who? What!
D3. Butterfly Effect 
D4. Houstonfornication 
D5. Coffee Bean

Travis Scott - Astroworld

SKU: VN-0035
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